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This is a tribute to the selfless mountain guides who participated heroically in the rescue of stranded climbers on Mount Kinabalu in the aftermath of the recent quake.

What they lacked in fancy equipment, they more than made up for through sheer creativity, improvisation and courage.

Those who wish to help may channel their donations through Alliance Bank account 101960010086060 or contact MPMS at 088-221194.

The role played by the ‘malim gunung’ or mountain guide in rescuing climbers who were stranded at Mount Kinabalu after the recent earthquake has caught the attention of the world. Stories of the mountain guides’ efforts in rescuing the affected climbers had been widely spread and highlighted by the local as well as foreign media. Many of the stranded climbers said that the mountain guides had been doing a good job in rescuing them after an earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale jolted Ranau at 7.15am Friday affecting Mount Kinabalu as well. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that the local guides of Mount Kinabalu were the real heroes. Australian climber Vee Jin Dumlao told ABC she was so grateful to mountain guide named Jomius who helped the trekkers to safety. “The mountain guides were the heroes. They risked life and limb and made some difficult decisions that ultimately saved our lives,” she said. Meanwhile, Cable News Network (CNN) reported that the mountain guides were heroes in rescuing those stranded on the peak of Mount Kinabalu. Local climber Nurul Hani Ideris, 29, told CNN: “The mountain guides seemed to know every single part of the place and managed to carve a route through the devastated landscape, cutting branches and tying ropes to create a new path. Lynn Siang, a tour agency spokeswoman, called the mountain guides heroes for doing the main rescue work on the path that was blocked by fallen rocks that they had to tie a rope. “When climbers crossed the ropes, they had to step on the shoulders of the guides - the guides used their body as a cushion,” she told CNN.

Meanwhile, Mount Kinabalu Guide Association chairman said, some 250 mountain guides and porters registered under the association have voiced concerns over their source of income with the halt of climbing activities announced yesterday.

"With the mountaineering activities stopped temporarily it will affect our livelihood, as this is our source of income.

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