Avogadro's Calculator
Sean Hughes
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Another molarity calculator? Really?

I wrote Avogadro’s Calculator to be the tool that I would like to have at the bench--and now I use it every day. It simplifies common workflows like converting between different units, doing dilutions, preparing stock solutions, and making master mixes. It goes a little further than most molarity calculators to make those workflows easy.

-Converts between mass and moles, as well as between mass/volume and molarity
-Supports a wide range of units

-Makes it simple to get the concentration you need, no matter the units or volume
-Intelligently handles large dilution factors by suggesting serial dilutions, so you’ll never be told to add 1 pL of your stock solution to 200 L of diluent.

Stock solutions:
-Does all the hard work for you, whether you need to figure out how many grams to use to get 500 mL of a 1 M solution or you just want to make as much 250 nM solution as you can from 10 mg of your compound.
-Even automatically calculates the number and volume of aliquots you can make.

Master mixes:
-Calculates the volumes of each reagent to use in a master mix or antibody cocktail for the number of wells you need.
-Allows you to save master mixes, so you can just type it in once, save it, and load it up in the future.

Other features:
-Can send a copy of any calculation by email or to other apps for record-keeping.
-Figures out molar masses from chemical formulas, so there's no need for you to look them up.
-Free, with no ads!
-Written by a scientist, for scientists
-Under active development. Request new features here: avogadroscalculator@gmail.com

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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