World of WWII Tanks
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World of of World War II Tanks

The Handbook of World War II Tanks includes all the tanks used by those countries which were at war during World War II from the period between their joining the conflict and the conflict ending for them.

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A tank is a large type of armoured fighting vehicle with tracks, designed for front-line combat. Modern tanks are strong mobile land weapons platforms, mounting a large-calibre cannon in a rotating gun turret. They combine this with heavy vehicle armour providing protection for the crew of the weapon and operational mobility, which allows them to position on the battlefield in advantageous locations. These features enable to have enormous capability to perform well in a tactical situation: the combination of strong weapons fire from their tank gun and their ability to resist enemy fire means the tank can take hold of and control an area of the battle and prevent other enemy vehicles from advancing, for example. In both offensive and defensive roles, they are powerful units able to perform all primary tasks required of armoured troops on the battlefield. The modern was the result of a century of development from primitive armoured vehicles, due to improvements in technology such as the internal combustion engine, which allowed the rapid movement of heavy armoured vehicles. As a result of these advances, underwent tremendous shifts in capability during the World Wars of the 20th century.

Handbook including:
01 T13: two Germans looking at a captured T13 B3
02 T-15
03 Renault FT: US Army on the Western Front, 1918 (WWI)
04 Ram. Canadian tank, based on the U.S. M3
05 Grizzly I cruiser. Canadian-built M4A1 Sherman with some modifications
06 Valentine. A Valentine in North Africa, carrying infantry
07 Valentine II
08 Valentine III, the different turret
09 The Valentine XI. Armed with the 75mm gun
10 Panzer 35(t). France
11 Panzer 38(t) in Soviet Union, June 1941
12 Fiat 3000
13 AMR 33
14 AMR 35
15 Renault R35. In German service, 1942
16 Hotchkiss H35
17 Char D1
18 Somua S35. A captured S35 in service with the Wehrmacht
19 Char D2
20 Char B1
21 Char 2C
22 Panzer I
23 Panzer II
24 Panzer III
25 Panzer IV
26 Panzer V Panther
27 Tiger I
28 Tiger II aka King Tiger
29 40M Turan
30 Fiat L6/40
31 Fiat M11/39. Captured by the Australians at Tobruk, January 1941
32 Fiat M13/40
33 Fiat M14/41
34 Fiat M16/43
35 Carro Armato P 40
36 Type 95 Ha-Go
37 Type 98 Ke-Ni
38 Type 5 Ke-Ho
39 Type 89 I-Go
40 Type 97 Chi-Ha. Moving into the Chinese city of Shenyang in 1948
41 Type 1 Chi-He
42 Type 3 Chi-Nu
43 Type 4 Chi-To.
44 Type 5 Chi-Ri. Unfinished prototype, captured by Americans in 1945
45 Type 95
46 Type 2 Ka-Mi amphibious tank
47 Type 3 Ka-Chi amphibious tank
48 Bob Semple (converted tractor)
49 Schofield
50 Stridsvagn L-120
51 7TP
52 9TP
53 10TP
54 T-26
55 T-50. In Finnish service, 1944
56 Antonov A-40
57 T-60
58 BT
59 T-28
60 A-32
61 T-34 Model 1943 (left), and T-43
62 Soviet T-44-122 and German Panther
63 T-44-85
64 T-35
65 SMK
66 KV-1
67 KV-2
68 IS-1
69 IS-7
70 IS-2
71 Mk II
72 Mk III
73 Mk IV
74 Mk V
75 Mk VIB
76 Vickers
77 Mk VII Tetrarch
78 Mk VIII Harry Hopkins
79 Vickers 6
80 Sherman Firefly
81 M3 Grant (left) and Lee
82 A pair of Soviet M3 Lees
83 Sherman M4A
84 Tortoise A39
85 Mk IV Churchill IV
86 Cruiser Mk I (A9)
87 Cruiser Mk II
88 Cruiser Mk IV (A13 Mk II)
89 Cruiser Mk V, Covenanter (A13 Mk III)
90 Crusader III
91 Crusader II
92 Crusader I
93 Cromwell
94 Centaur IV
95 Cromwell VI
96 Mk VIII Challenger
97 Challenger
98 Comet l (A34)
99 Centurion
100 Matilda I
101 Matilda II
and other...

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