history of 25 prophets
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history of 25 prophets came in all the information about the wisdom of the prophet, we have 25 prophets historical information in your mobile local here. with more than 100 history of the 25 prophets (information) for education for your children, for all those who need information on the history of the 25 prophets? our guide has a history of 25 prophets complete history of 25 prophet with a flip form for you.

good and useful application for you for a long time we developer tried to make this application and this at designated for education about the history of the 25 prophets. The maximum amount as we would make it, we tend to try to assemble the most effective references to the history of 25 prophets to you.

a history of 25 prophets and apostles complete the designation for all people, especially for children as education about religious according to the Quran and the teachings of the Islamic religion.

the difference between the prophets and apostles are: a prophet receiving revelation from Allah SWT for himself, while the apostles received revelation from Allah SWT to be delivered to all his people. the prophets and apostles have 4 properties and four properties shall be impossible, as well as the nature allowed but not required, namely:

siddiq (right), it is impossible he kizib (lie).
mandate (trustworthy), impossible treasonous / cheating.
tabliqh (of revelation to his people), it is impossible
fathonah (smart / intelligent), it is impossible Jahlun / stupid.

is allowed but not required that aradhul basyariyah (properties as
a history of 25 prophets is a lightweight app contains the story of 25 prophets and apostles from the Prophet Adam a.s. until the prophet once the last apostle (cover until the end of time), the Prophet Muhammad SAW. stories of the prophets and apostles of wisdom and lessons in the development of civilization in the world, for that we should be able to know how to lunge them to be remembered today.

last thanks to downloading and hope you are pleased with our work on the history of 25 prophets, be sure to leave a comment ratting and be good to support us to create the application will be better :)

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