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DOT Placards to Be Discontinued

With the release of the Emergency Response Guidebook 2016, the National Institutes of Health has released a free ERG 2016 app for Android and iOS. We have reviewed the new NIH app and found the app comprehensive, well-made, and fully featured.

With previous versions of the NIH app, based on the ERG 2012 content, we felt there were some presentation and search features that our app did better. But the new 2016 NIH app exceeds our own in both features and content. For example, the NIH app now includes the ability to map isolation distances from your current location using street or satellite views.

In light of this, DOT Placards and DOT Placards Plus will be discontinued and removed from Google Play around the end of 2016. For now the store listing will remain so that current users can find this text and understand our recommendation for an upgrade path and, secondly, any new users with phones older than those supported by the NIH app still have access to the content of the ERG 2102 which, though outdated, may be useful.

If you can suggest additional features or improvements that would justify the publication of a new version DOT Placards and your purchase of a paid upgrade, we would love to hear your ideas.

We greatly appreciate all our users and their support that has made DOT Placards our most popular app with over 50,000 installs. Thank you!

About DOT Placards

DOT Placards gives you access to three sections of the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG 2012) including the Yellow (Substances by ID), Orange (Guides), and Table 1 of the Green (Isolation Distances) sections of the ERG.

The Guides offer linked emergency response phone numbers. Tap the appropriate number to bring up your phone's dialer.

You can search by placard number, substance name, or for a specific guide. One tap takes you to the orange guide with details on toxicity, flammability, and spill procedures.

This app is built from the same data published in the official PHMSA ERG 2012 app. This app adds the ability to dial numbers with a touch.

The only "ad" displayed is a line linking to our ebook adaptation of the ERG.

Requires no special permissions. Please contact the developer for site licensing options.

Upgrade to DOT Placards Plus for additional features:
-Voice search. Speak a number to lookup the substance.
-Map specific placard numbers to locations.
-If you like the free app, please consider supporting the developers by purchasing DOT Placards Plus.

Also find our complete ERG 2012 Quick Lookup Ebook, now available on Google Play.

Recent Update Summary:
* Updated contents from the newly published ERG2012.
* User may now choose from one of three font sizes.
* Added the missing Guide 111.
* Improved the formatting and readability of the guides.
* Fixed an outdated reference to the ERG2008 in message text.

* Fixed a defect that was preventing proper guide display on tablets. Thank you! to the user's who reported this so we could fix it

* Small changes under the cover to stay in sync with the paid Plus version.

* Fixed a rare problem with opening the ERG data that has been seen once so far in the field and reported to us as a crash.

* Removed advertisements.
* App can now be moved to the SD Card.
* Eliminated the need for internet and location permissions.
* Fixed a bug that would cause a re-search when rotating the phone.

* Updated SDK Toolset

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 1.6 and up

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