The spirit of the Holy Quran
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The spirit of the Holy Quran

There can be no gift to mankind greater than the Book from their Creator. Holy Quran is that Book, revealed to the last Messenger of Allah. It calls people to a faith, hallmark of which is belief in one God Allah the Creator of everything; Unity of Mankind as the offsprings of one father; and Unity of faith in Islam, as the religion of all the prophets, completed on Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), being the last of them.

It has solutions for all the problems of humanity of the rich or the poor, the black or the white. All misery is due to not acting upon its Teaching. If the lot of some non-Muslims nation is better today, it is that by hit or trial, unknowingly, they follow its ethical teachings. If they follow it in full they would be lot happier. If the majority of Muslims suffer today, it is also due to their disregard for the teaching of the Holy Quran. To escape misery and to gain everlasting success and happiness let mankind hold fast to it, understand the Book of Allah and act upon it.

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