Donkey Story and Activity book
Android Gems 3
2.0 Varies with device
The Mischievous Donkey
Page 1: Once upon a time there lived a wild donkey in a jungle. He was very mischievous and loved to trouble others. Nobody liked him. Everyone stayed away from him.
Page 2: One day while roaming here and there in the jungle he found a dead tiger’s skin. His evil mind thought an idea to trouble other animals.
Page 3: He picked up the tiger’s skin and managed to cover his body with the skin. He put on the tiger’s face skin as a mask on his own face. Now anybody could mistake him for a real tiger.
Page 4: Disguised donkey reached to the place where other animals were gathered. Now he stood on some height so that no one can judge his truth and started dancing madly.
Page 5: The other animals mistook the disguised donkey for a real tiger that had gone mad. The distance between him and other animals was also covered up his truth.
Page 6: Animals got terrified to see a mad tiger. One shouted, “How disastrous a mad tiger could be! He can attack all of us. Run to save your life.” Everyone ran away except a fox.
Page 7: The fox was very clever. He thought that it is not wise to run away without finding the truth so he decided to stay there. He hid behind the bushes and started observing the donkey.
Page 8: The donkey thought that all the animals got afraid of him and ran away. The carefree donkey became happy and started braying loudly. He did not know that the fox was hiding around.
Page 9: To see him braying the clever fox understood in no time that it was no other than a stupid donkey who was playing a trick to trouble others.
Page 10: The fox called all the frightened animals and told the truth of the disguised donkey. Animals got angry to see a donkey making fool of them and ran after him to beat him.
Page 11: The donkey ran away to save his life. But today he learnt a lesson that once or twice you can make fool of somebody but not always. Ultimately the truth reveals itself.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0.3 and up

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