Washerman's Donkey Kids Story
Android Gems 4
2.0 Varies with device
Washer man’s Donkey
Page 1: Once upon a time there was a washer man in a village. He was very miser and selfish. He had a donkey and a dog. He just wanted to get his work done by them. He always misbehaved with them.
Page 2: The donkey helped the washer man in his work and the dog looked after his belongings very sincerely. But in return the washer man gave them very little to eat. He didn’t care for them.
Page 3: One night the donkey and the dog were tied in the washer man’s house. Suddenly they saw a thief broke into the house. The washer man was fast asleep.
Page 4: The donkey got afraid and said to the dog, “Friend! Please bark and awake the master. Otherwise the thief would steal the valuables and the master will end up with a great loss.”
Page 5: The dog said calmly, “Friend! Our master starved us intentionally and then gathered so much money. This is the time for him to repay for what he did to us.”
Page 6: The donkey said angrily, “Friend! It is your duty to guard his home and now you are neglecting your duty of a servant…”
Page 7: He continued, “…If you don’t fulfill your duty I would have to do your work. I will bray and awake our master. So that he becomes alert and can save himself from a great loss.”
Page 8: The dog warned him and said, “You should take care of your responsibilities. Don’t interfere in my field of work otherwise you may have to face the consequences.”
Page 9: But the donkey started braying without listening and thinking. The dog tried a lot to stop him but in vain. He didn’t stop. The thief ran away to hear him braying.
Page 10: But the washer man got awakened hastily to hear the harsh and unpleasant voice of the donkey. He got angry with the donkey because he disturbed him in his sleep.
Page 11: The washer man ran towards the donkey to punish him. The washer man started beating the donkey badly with a stick. The donkey felt as if the sky had fallen down on his head.
Page 12: After beating a lot, the washer man left him there and went inside his hut. The donkey somehow managed to stand on his feet. He was crying with pain.
Page 13: The dog smiled with sympathy and said, “Friend! I told you not to interfere in my work. Dear! Instead of alerting the master from danger, your harsh voice made him mad with anger…”
Page 14: He continued, “…because you disturbed him when he was fast asleep.” Moral of the story is “Everyone has his own responsibilities and field of work. He should be in his limits. It is not wise to interfere in other’s work field.”

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0.3 and up

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