Witty Villager
Android Gems 4
3.0 Varies with device
The Witty Villager - Kids Story book and Activity Book
Page 1: Once upon a time there was a villager who was known for his wisdom. One day he was going to some other village with his goat, lion and a bundle of crops.
Page 2: While travelling he came across to a broad river. He found a very small boat on the bank of the river. The boat was so small that he could take only one thing at a time with him while crossing.
Page 3: But there was a problem. If he took the bundle of crops with him, the lion would eat up the goat and if he took the lion with him, the goat would eat up the crops in his absence.
Page 4: He was thinking what to do. Suddenly he got an idea. He smiled and took the goat with him and crossed the river leaving the lion and the bundle of crops behind.
Page 5: He reached to the other bank of the river. After dropping the goat there he again sailed back to take the other two. He knew that the bundle of crops would be safe with the lion because it never eats the crops.
Page 6: Now he reached back where he left the bundle of crops and the lion. This time he took the lion with him leaving the bundle behind.
Page 7: Again he crossed the river. This time he dropped the lion alone on the bank of the river and took the goat back with him so that the lion could not do any harm to the goat in his absence.
Page 8: Now he reached back with the goat where he left the bundle of crops. This time he took the bundle with him leaving the goat behind. Now the goat was alone there.
Page 9: After crossing the river he left the bundle with the lion and sailed back to take the goat. The bundle of crops was of no use for the lion. So it was safe.
Page 10: Now he sailed back to take the goat, took it and crossed the river again. In this way he crossed the river with the goat, lion and the bundle of crops without any harm to all of them.
Page 11: Now the villager moved forward on his way with his companions. The moral of the story is “Every problem can be solved with wisdom. We should keep our calm and act cleverly to find solution of any problem.”

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0.3 and up

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