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The must-have book for flute players, including fingering charts! This app features a free 50+ page preview of the 240 page book, direct access to the full digital version of Tipbook Flute and Piccolo (only €0,99!) and informative rich media brochures. Designed for tablets and smartphones!

“A very useful reference book for students and teachers alike.”
Larry Krantz Flute Pages

It's a buyer's guide. It's an owner's guide. And it's even more than that. Tipbook Flute and Piccolo tells you everything you need to know to buy the instrument that suits your style and your budget, and to get the most out of the flute you own. Essential information for beginners or their parents, an inspiring resource for advanced players, and a handy reference for pros.

Tipbook Flute and Piccolo brings you the combined knowledge and ideas of some thirty flutemakers, headjoint specialists, teachers, and musicians, allowing you to focus on your sound. The core chapter of the book focuses on all elements that help determine the sound, feel, and playability of the instrument, ranging from the materials used to the keywork, extra keys, and all details of the headjoint - in-depth, yet accessible. Separate chapters are dedicated to flute accessories, tuning, maintenance, and adjustment.

Like all other Tipbooks, this volume has brief sections on the history, the family, and the making of the instrument, as well as a glossary and an extended index. As a generous extra, the book features interactive audio and video Tipcodes, chapters on practicing and dealing with stage fright, and a complete set of fingering charts, including alternate fingerings. Enjoy!

“Clearly written, concise and accurate information; A very useful reference book for students and teachers alike.” Larry Krantz Flute Pages

“A great book for band teachers and flute teachers to recommend to their students…” Phyllis Louke, Greater Portland Flute Society

“Highly recommended for flute players of all levels.” Matthew Bright, Flutewise

“I thoroughly recommend these books.” Mary O'Brien, President of the New Zealand Flute Society / Flute Focus

“Written well; includes information for players of all levels…” Julia Larson Mattern, Flute Talk

“The Tipbook concept is excellent. Attractively presented; accessibly short paragraphs. The layout and information are clear and concise.” Australian Music Teacher Magazine

“Comprehensive approach; easy-to-follow layout makes these Tipbooks a joy to read. Music Trades”

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