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This must have app for pianists features a free 50+ page preview of the 224 page book, direct access to the full digital version of Tipbook Piano (only €0,99!), and informative rich media brochures. Designed for tablets and smartphones!

“A comprehensive and superbly organized effort; comfortable to handle, visually attractive, and eminently readable.” Dr. William Leland

Tipbook Piano makes buying a (grand) piano much less of an adventure, and it tells you everything you should know about tuning, maintenance, and silent practice, while preventing information overload.
Based on the knowledge and experience of over thirty piano technicians, makers, teachers and musicians, the book is a great guide for beginners and an inspiring resource for advanced players ¬¬– even for pros!

Tipbook Piano focuses on making an informed purchase, finding the instrument that best suits your style, taste, and budget. Topics range from cabinet styles and soundboard construction to different types of strings and stringing, and piano accessories. The knowledge brought to you on these pages allows you to focus on the sound and performance of the instrument, aided by a chapter on Auditioning Pianos. Separate chapters are dedicated to silent and hybrid pianos, maintenance (what you can do yourself) and tuning (what you'd rather not do yourself), while interactive Tipcodes give direct access to supporting videos and audio files.

Brief sections introduce you to the history, the family, and the making of the instrument. A glossary and an extended index turn this owner's guide into a handy reference book. As an extra, this Tipbook also offers you a musical introduction to chords, and 22 pages worth of chord charts. Enjoy!

“An excellent and convenient reference tool. It is valuable to be presented with a range of differing opinions on so many aspects in these chapters, obviously the fruits of collaboration with many experts. A worthwhile addition to any pianist’s library.” Australian Music Teacher Magazine

“Clearly written and well illustrated.” Faye Caley, Music Teacher Magazine

“Technical information presented in commendably easy to understand language; totally recommended; amazingly comprehensive.” Jazz Journal

“The Tipbook series is a splendid addition to the music field. The most striking characteristic, to this reviewer, is the way in which the material combines conciseness with solid content. "How-to" manuals always run the risk of being shallow; Tipbooks avoid that pitfall adroitly and consistently. We highly recommend this series.”

Tipbook Piano tells you all about pianos and grand pianos, silent pianos, the differences between small and tall pianos, spinets and full-size uprights, piano models, piano lessons, piano teachers, metronomes and metronome apps, piano finishes, the role of the soundboard, different types of actions, piano styles, soft-fall lids, types of wood, key dip and key length, direct and indirect blow action, drop action, repetition mechanisms, hammers, dampers and strings, scale designs and string lengths, pinblocks and bridges, pressure bars and agraffes, duplex scales and aliquot scales, practice pedals and moderator stops, the sostenuto pedal, auditioning pianos, hybrid pianos, player pianos, silent pianos and digital pianos, artist benches and stools, piano lamps, piano tuning, piano tuners and piano technicians, equal temperament, moisture control, piano regulation and voicing, the history of the piano, the family of the piano, piano brands, piano prices, and much more.

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