Taekwondo free training
ay shohwatul
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Our company makes an application taekwondo martial guide to assist in the training process,
in this application you can learn taekwondo ranging from basic to master the application of learning tae kwon do we provide free training for all, applications taekwondo it is very easy to use because the application is very simple you can learn while playing or studying in the park without having with the teachers (sabem), this application comes with demo videos and heating, this application is no less complete with palikasi Taekwondo Free Training and Taekwondo Kicks and Free Taekwondo Classes.

We make this application for your convenience in learning taekwondo, we provide a very complete feature for you

this is the kind of kick kick

- Momtong Ap Chagi: straight kick to the stomach with Apchook
- Eolgol Ap Chagi: kick straight to the head with Apchook
- Dello / Ball Chagi: hoeing kick towards the head and as ax falls when its
- Dollyo Chagi: Kick circular
Parry (Makki)
- Arae Makki: Parry downward
- Momtong An Makki: Parry to the stomach from the outside to the inside
- Momtong Bagkat Makki: Parry to the stomach from the inside out
- Eolgol Makki: Parry to the head
- Batangson Arae Makki: Parry downward with palms
ukulan (Jireugi)
- Momtong Jireugi: A blow to the stomach
- Eolgol Jireugi: A blow to the head
- Gabrion / Dobeon: Punch twice to the stomach
- Sambion: Punch three times toward the head, neck, abdomen

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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