The Flag Secret - Free Version
Adam Kelly
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** This free version features 24 stories from a sample selection of countries **

Please have a read and see what you think, and most importantly, see if you manage to learn anything!

If you do, then please buy the FULL VERSION from the Google Play Store and help support my project! =)


If you read this book - you will learn all the world flags.

Yes you read that correctly!

This interactive e-book contains the 195 short stories I created to help me remember all the world flags.

Some stories are short, some are long, and a few will make you question my very sanity, but you will still remember the flags!

- Be slightly more prepared for game shows and pub quizzes

- Stun your friends and family during the Olympics and other international events

- Impress foreigners when you meet them by telling them what their flag looks like (This is particularly fun when they're from somewhere relatively unknown!)


It is an established fact that people who can remember seemingly impossible amounts of information are often all using the same technique.

Rather than learning the information 'parrot fashion', they instead create a story in their head, which familiarises the thought process when they need to remember the information later.

This is exactly what I did when I decided to learn the flags about a year ago, and I saw incredible results.
My friends and family couldn't believe how I suddenly knew all the flags!

I shared some of the stories I'd created, and they actually laughed out loud, partly due to how in-depth they were, but also because they knew they would never forget that flag again!

This feedback inspired me to start writing down my stories, and ultimately create 'The Flag Secret' to share with the world.

Please keep in mind, 'The Flag Secret' is my own personal creation, based on my own thoughts and points of view.

At times the content will be confusing, humorous, and maybe even a tad controversial, but it works for me, and I hope it will for you too!


- To avoid any arguments on the comments section, I would like to make something very clear.

The 195 countries included in this e-book are those listed on the Wikipedia page entitled:
'Member states and observers of the United Nations'.
I am well aware there are a few so-called 'unrecognised' states and flags out there, but I don't want to get into the political hassle of all that.
This is the list I have chosen!

- On occasion I will use a 'grouping' technique, which means I will group two, three, or four flags together. This will either be due to their similar appearance, or similar country name. This means the stories can be simpler and more generalised, because there are only a few flags in the comparison. This is an awesome way to learn.

- Some of my stories may come across as being somewhat disrespectful towards the country in question, but please remember, my methods for remembering the flags are based on the flag's appearance, and my brain's interpretation of that. So in other words - no offence!

- Sometimes I will say something like "This flag looks like a (blank)." You may not agree with me entirely, but the fact that you saw the flag and then had these thoughts will help you to remember it. The brain is amazing!

- You may read one of my stories and say "What?! I can think of a much better story than that!" Well please, be my guest. If it means you will remember the flag then I've done my job in helping you get into that mindset. =)

- Some of you may notice me saying things like 'top left corner' when the correct flag term is apparently 'canton', or 'to the left hand side' instead of 'near the hoist'. This is just how I explain it in my head. Just to be clear, I AM NOT A FLAG EXPERT - I just know which one is which!

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