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"Mirror", the "Chronicle", is the editor of the Northern Song Dynasty Sima Guang's a long chronological history books, a total of 294 volumes, three million words, took 19 years. Historical records of the Week Weilie King 23 years (AD 403 years ago) three sub-Jin (Warring States Period) to write, until after five generations of King Sejong Hin Tak six years (AD 959 years) levy Huainan, total cross 16 dynasties , including other government Qin, Han, Jin, Sui, Tang Dynasty and Warring States unity, Wei, Shu and Wu Sanguo, Sixteen States, Northern and Southern Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, etc., a total of 1362 recorded a detailed history of each year. It is a part of China chronological general history, a very important position in Chinese history books.

    "Mirror" is the second part of "Spring" after the monumental chronological order history, and Sima Guang childhood good read "Tso Spring", like editing old things in a series. Song Yingzong Zhiping first year (1064) was "the calendar year figure" in five volumes, Zhiping three years (1066), and was "Annals" eight volumes, works cover Zhou, Qin dynasties, the emperor at the time looked very Song Yingzong satisfied, then ordered the hospital setting bookstores in Chongwen, the Ying Di books 2400 volumes, Sima Guang reward for reference and supply of ink, silk tie, fees, meals, fruits and other services, asking him to continue writing and to allow him to borrow Royal Longtuge day Zhangge, Zhao Wen, Academia Historica, Jixian hospital, Mige collections.

    So Sima light on editing in Luoyang "Mirror", home is extremely simple, sultry summer embarrassing, often dripping sweat on a draft, craftsmen open up a basement, "often reading in which", "day power shortage, followed by In the Night ", nightly candlelight write books, nor rest when they are sick. Friends advised him to "less desirable section of the troubles," he said: "First Lord said, life is also dead." So, after a 15-year political affairs write books without asking years.

    Ancestor title is set, intended to take "Given the events of the past, are provided in Governance." "Information Governance" means that the word "help", "governance." "Link" is meant that Broadcom ancient and modern "General History", "view" there are cited as "borrow" meaning (in history as a mirror). Ancestor personally made an order, give Sima Guang. Later this sequence protection "Chronicle" from ruined version disaster.

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