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This FSOT application contains the following chapters:

1. US Government 1
2. US Government 2
3. US History 1
4. US History 2
5. US Foreign Policy 1
6. US Foreign Policy 2
7. Major Courts & US Constitution
8. Management 1
9. Management 2
10. Economics 1
11. Economics 2
12. Communication 1
13. Communication 2
14. Geography
15. World politics & RI 1
16. World politics & RI 2
17. World affairs
18. World history 1
19. World history 2
20. FSOT Exam Review
21. Exam last night review
22. English for Foreign policy

This FSOT application is not intended only for FSOT candidates but for all Foreign policy & diplomatic professionals all over the world.

It is also recommended for researchers in International relations & geopolitical issues.

This android applications contains over 8800 study notes & FSOT questions with detailed explanations.

A Foreign Service Officer (FSO) is a commissioned member of the United States Foreign Service. As diplomats, Foreign Service Officers formulate and implement the foreign policy of the United States. FSOs spend most of their careers overseas as members of U.S. embassies, consulates, and other diplomatic missions, though some receive assignments to combatant command, Congress, and educational institutions such as the various U.S. War Colleges. Within the Foreign Service, they are also known as Generalists.[1]

Foreign Service Officers, who occupy most of the top tiers of the Foreign Service, are one of five categories of Foreign Service employees. Other categories include Foreign Service Nationals and Specialists (e.g., Special Agents of the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service)

New candidates are appointed from the top of the register (highest score), and candidates who are not appointed within 18 months will be removed from the register. Candidates may decline one offer; declining a second will strike their names from the register. Some candidates go on "do-not-call" status until they are ready to receive offers, but the 18 month timer still continues to run. It is common for a candidate with a low score to simply expire from the register, thus making the process even more competitive. In the end, fewer than 2% of initial applicants to the State Department Foreign Service will matriculate as Foreign Service Officers.

Applicants for U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) FSO jobs follow a somewhat different process. Because USAID has a strong technical focus in many of its overseas positions, FSOs are generally recruited for specific backstops. Most successful candidates will have an advanced degree (often a masters) and pertinent job experience related to their backstop and will undergo an interview and testing process tailored to that backstop, but otherwise it is similar to that for State Department applicants.
applicant to FSOT can be from the following backgrounds:

United States Foreign Service
United States Department of State
Foreign Service Specialist
American Foreign Service Association
Foreign Agricultural Service
United States Agency for International Development
United States Commercial Service

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