Utah Code (UT Law & Statutes)
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Utah Code and Constitution (UT All laws and statutes codes)
Is a complete list of UT State Law & Code on your Android devices.

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2017 Updates
List of Laws in the app

Title 3 Uniform Agricultural Cooperative Association Act
Title 4 Utah Agricultural Code
Title 6 Assignment for Benefit of Creditors
Title 7 Financial Institutions Act
Title 8 Cemeteries
Title 9 Heritage, Arts, Libraries, and Cultural Development
Title 10 Utah Municipal Code
Title 11 Cities, Counties, and Local Taxing Units
Title 12 Collection Agencies
Title 13 Commerce and Trade
Title 14 Contractors' Bonds
Title 15 Contracts and Obligations in General
Title 15A State Construction and Fire Codes Act
Title 16 Corporations
Title 17 Counties
Title 17B Limited Purpose Local Government Entities - Local Districts
Title 17C Limited Purpose Local Government Entities - Community Development and Renewal Agencies Act
Title 17D Limited Purpose Local Government Entities - Other Entities
Title 18 Dogs
Title 19 Environmental Quality Code
Title 20A Election Code
Title 22 Fiduciaries and Trusts
Title 23 Wildlife Resources Code of Utah
Title 24 Forfeiture and Disposition of Property Act
Title 25 Fraud
Title 26 Utah Health Code
Title 26A Local Health Authorities
Title 29 Hotels and Hotel Keepers
Title 30 Husband and Wife
Title 31A Insurance Code
Title 32B Alcoholic Beverage Control Act
Title 34 Labor in General
Title 34A Utah Labor Code
Title 35A Utah Workforce Services Code
Title 36 Legislature
Title 38 Liens
Title 39 Militia and Armories
Title 40 Mines and Mining
Title 41 Motor Vehicles
Title 42 Names
Title 43 Negotiable Certificates
Title 45 Publication and Broadcasting
Title 46 Notarization and Authentication of Documents and Electronic Signatures
Title 47 Nuisances
Title 48 Partnership
Title 49 Utah State Retirement and Insurance Benefit Act
Title 50 Pools and Trusts
Title 51 Public Funds and Accounts
Title 52 Public Officers
Title 53 Public Safety Code
Title 53A State System of Public Education
Title 53B State System Of Higher Education
Title 53C School and Institutional Trust Lands Management Act
Title 54 Public Utilities
Title 55 Public Welfare
Title 56 Railroads
Title 57 Real Estate
Title 58 Occupations and Professions
Title 59 Revenue and Taxation
Title 61 Securities Division - Real Estate Division
Title 62A Utah Human Services Code
Title 63A Utah Administrative Services Code
Title 63B Bonds
Title 63C State Commissions and Councils Code
Title 63D Information Technology Act
Title 63E Independent Entities Code
Title 63F Utah Technology Governance Act
Title 63G General Government
Title 63H Independent State Entities
Title 63I Oversight
Title 63J Budgeting
Title 63L Lands
Title 63M Governor's Programs
Title 64 State Institutions
Title 65A Forestry, Fire, and State Lands
Title 67 State Officers and Employees
Title 68 Statutes
Title 69 Telegraphic and Telephonic Transactions
Title 70 Trademarks and Trade Names
Title 70A Uniform Commercial Code
Title 70C Utah Consumer Credit Code
Title 70D Financial Institution Mortgage Financing Regulation Act
Title 71 Veterans
Title 72 Transportation Code
Title 73 Water and Irrigation
Title 75 Utah Uniform Probate Code
Title 76 Utah Criminal Code
Title 77 Utah Code of Criminal Procedure
Title 78A Judiciary and Judicial Administration
Title 78B Judicial Code
Title 79 Natural Resources

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