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Man, as its essence of his or her humanity, is constantly fascinated and curious in all sorts of things. Because of this, man was able to create many wonders in this world and he can use them to his own advantage. Many years ago, man also took interest in painting. In fact, you can see paintings all over the world.

In this audio book you read about these topics:

01 - What Abstract Painting is all About

02 - Andy Warhol Paintings: The Pinnacle of Pop

03 - Body Painting with Women Subjects

04 - The Cave Paintings of Trois Freres

05 - Contemporary Painting - What is it?

06 - Useful Ideas for Face Painting for Beginners

07 - Children's Face Painting Designs

08 - Need Face Painting Examples for Your Kid’s Party?

09 - Famous Paintings – An Inspiration to Other Painters

10 - Discover the Pleasure Derived from Flower Paintings

and much more!

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