Drinks - Coffee, Tea and More
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It is estimated that two thirds of the worlds population drink coffee or tea every day. Our entire civilization seems to run on these delicious pick-me-ups, and if you happen to brew your own or want to know more about it, you've come to the right app. Discover all about your favorite drinks in the free Drinks uKnowMo app.

Learn all about:
● The history of teas and coffees
● How to brew the perfect cup of coffee
● Different types, blends and flavors of your favorite teas
● Health benefits of drinking tea or coffee
● Water, the most important drink for our body
● Healthy juices from vegetables and fruits
● Sweeteners in your drinks, whats good and whats bad for you
● And much more!

Note - we do not cover any alcoholic beverages

Interested in what you get out of the drinks you consume? Check out the Nutritional Lookup section to get a better idea of whats in your favorite drinks.


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