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*** Fun Wooden Toys ***

Dear Reader,

Wow! Thanks Dad, what a great present! Gee, Grandpa how did you know? Squeals of delight and gales of laughter erupt amidst the family gathering.

From rocking horses to soap box derby cars - puzzles to trains. Are you in an age group that remembers the joy when opening such a wonderful gift?

Finding quality wooden toys these days is not easy. Most fall into the category of ôeducational toys.ö ThatÆs a fancy way of saying they can charge ten times the value of a toysÆ plastic counterpart.

Did you know that wooden toys have been traced back as far as 1100BC? That alone is a testimony to the quality and durability of wooden toys. Not to mention the fact that parentsÆ back then couldnÆt just drive to their local toy store.

Why not learn how to create your own quality wooden toys and watch the children in your life light up with wonder and excitement? ItÆs not that difficult if you have the knowledge and materials.

ThatÆs where Fun Wooden Toys YOU Can Make comes in. This comprehensive guide leads you step by step on a creative journey toward completing a project that will bring about those giggles of glee from some lucky child.

Take a look at what you will find:

* The Many Different Types of Wooden Toys
* Traditional Wooden Toys
* Rocking Horses
* Modern Wooden Toys
* The Art of Making Wooden Toys
* How to Build a Pull Along Wooden Toys
* Where to Start
* Building and Designing a Wooden Toy Car
* Building a Rocking Horse
* Wooden Rocking Horses
* How to Make Wooden Puzzles
* How to Make a Wooden Toy Bug
* How to Build a Wooden Elephant Puzzle
* How to Make a Wooden Toy Spaceship
* How to Make a Wooden Toy Train
* How to Make a Wooden Toy Helicopter
* How to Make a Wooden Covered Wagon Toy Box
* How to Identify the Best Quality Lumber
* Cutting the Patterns
* Routing
* Sanding
* Dowels
* Assembly
* Tools Required
* Selecting the Correct Materials

No stone is left unturned in teaching you how to create beautiful custom wooden toys. You definitely don't want to miss out on this terrific bargain.

Everything you need to learn how to get started is contained in Fun Wooden Toys YOU Can Make.

Order your copy below and get started on your own fun project right away! Your favorite children will thank you!

We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is!
Please enojoy the preview and upgrade to full version with commercial free.

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