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*** Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong About Blogs and How Difficult it is to Set Them Up and Monetize Them! ***

Dear Reader,

Four years ago he gave you Blog Biz for Beginners. Now he's back and loaded with new and updated information and strategies for winning with blogs in 2009! John is no stranger to online marketing and is an excellent teacher.

How many times have you read how easy it is to set up a blog? Probably more times than you can count. In fact, it's a pretty good bet that you've read time and time again just how easy it is to start your own online business and clean up!

It's particularly frustrating when you're told you can do it in days! Those are pretty ridiculous claims and John aims to lay your fears to rest. He does NOT advocate "get rich quick." On the contrary his approach is one of education.

Like everything having to do with the Internet, blogs change and evolve. He believes that anyone who starts a personal or business blog is perfectly poised to take advantage of significantly lower costs and higher qualify of blog programs and services.

Everything you need to know to guarantee your success in blogging is available in "Quick and Easy Blogs."

Have questions about Blogger versus WordPress? They're addressed inside your copy.

What's the best option for hosting your blog? Yes, that's addressed too.

How about creating and posting? There are some definite nuances covered in its own chapter.

What is Fantastico and how it can help you is also addressed.

If the idea of ftp sends shivers down your spine, don't panic. We've got you covered! Even if it sound suspiciously like building your own web site, John takes you by the hand and teaches you step-by-step how to ftp using your control panel or an ftp program.

Look, we could continue on and on about the benefits of blogging. If you have a pulse you know how important successful blogging is to your online business. Learn from John and you learn from the best!

We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is!
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