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*** Simple Swimming Guide - How to Live Your Life With Gusto! ***

— What do you know about swimming?
"Do You Test The Water With Your Toe?"
— Or Do You Jump Right in With Enthusiasm?

Dear Reader,

Well, which are you? Are you a "toe dipper" or do you approach it with enthusiasm? Or maybe you are someone who never learned how to swim at all? If the latter is the case, then roll up your sleeves because we have some work to do.

No matter if you are a newcomer to swimming or you are an old friend returning to a great sport, there's something about swimming that, well, just gets under your skin.

Maybe you'll never make the Olympics but that's not really what it's all about anyway, is it? It's about getting yourself back to good health.
You won't find a better vehicle for that journey than swimming.

Forget about the fancy smancy running shoes. Never mind spending a mint on golf clubs that will probably gather dust in a closet somewhere. Arm yourself with last year's swimsuit, a towel and a few bucks and head off to the local YMCA.

If you have it and want to spend it, drive over to the country club and join the group there. You'll probably have more fun at the "Y" though, especially if you can get a friend to go along with you.

If you have made a decision to do something about your health, swimming is the best exercise regimen you could select. It's low impact and easy on the joints.

If you feel like crawling out of the "couch potato" syndrome, what better method to do it. And, it needn't cost you an arm and a leg. As we just mentioned, the YMCA has a pool you can use at a very low cost.

Did You Know?

1. All weather is good weather for swimming at an indoor pool.
2. Keeping a diary of your swimming will improve your success.
3. The basic swimming strokes are easy to learn.

You can get a great education and fill in the blanks with the "Simple Swimming Guide."

And, it’s easy to understand

It’s presented in simple, easy to read and understand language. Because of that you don’t…

• Need any special training.
• Need a lot of money - the cost is minimal.
• Have to wait days for answers – get them immediately.

You have all the information you need to get answers about the "Simple Swimming Guide."

Take a quick look inside of the "Simple Swimming Guide" and see what you will learn:

Swimming is recognized as a low cost, highly enjoyable activity which can benefit almost anyone.

It is particularly good for people that have not been using any form of regular exercise or who are unable to tackle more strenuous forms of exercise because of their current state of health.

Water can be very helpful to people that are recovering from some form of physical injury because it can help to support the body during their activities in the water.

There is much more that you will access inside.

We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is!
Please enojoy the preview and upgrade to full version with commercial free.

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