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Welcome to the only Passover recipe book you will ever need. The full app and its corresponding ebook has over 250 delicious Passover recipes and will give you more than enough recipes to make all of your Passover meals very memorable. Always remember, the Passover seder meals are there to enable us to transmit our wonderful and beautiful traditions to the next generation. It is my humble hope that this recipe app and ebook will help you in some small way to do this. Passover has always been my favorite holiday and maybe this book will help it be the favorite of your progeny.

There are so many options and opinions as to what constitutes food that is kosher for Passover. I am going to keep it simple. If you have any questions as to what is acceptable and kosher for Passover, ask your local orthodox rabbi.

You may notice herein there may be several ingredients which not everyone agrees may be used for Passover. For example, mushrooms. There are some people who will eat mushrooms on Passover and some who will not. Talk with your orthodox rabbi.

There is another concept in Jewish Passover custom called "Gebrachts". Gebrachts literally means, "Broken". It is most often observed by chasidim and not ashkenazim. The concept is that any baked matzah may still have some residual flour on it and when this flour comes in contact with water, it becomes chometz. This is a highly unlikely scenario, however, there are those who are stringent in this custom. I was over a rav's house for the Passover seder one year. The rav did not eat gebrachts (he was a chasid), however, I do not have that custom. The rav, knowing the law well and realizing it is a stringency, brought out special dishes for me so that I may have gebrachts at the seder on his table with his family, while they did not eat gebrachts. I was allowed to add broken matzah to my chicken soup, even though the rav was stringent with this custom. The Shulchan Aruch HaRav is probably one of the first of the classic Jewish law books to mention this prohibition. Since most people do not keep the gebrachts stringency, and since I personally do not either, this book is going to assume you also eat gebrachts.

Please follow your own tradition and ask your rabbi for clarification. This book is not meant to be a guide to Jewish law, especially when it comes to the laws of Passover. The laws of Passover, especially in the kitchen are numerous and very complicated. There are many reliable books on Jewish law that discuss the intricacies of Passover law. This is beyond the scope of this book.

Most people I have talked with have about twenty or thirty Passover recipes. They make the same tired meals throughout Passover, year after year. With this book, I hope to assist you in making Passover meals more enjoyable and exciting. In our day and age, there is such a proliferation of kosher for Passover foods, there is no reason why one cannot make fantastic meals that were impossible to make even two score ago. For example, who ever heard of kosher for Passover mustard or soy sauce. However, both of these, and more, are now readily available for the kosher culinarian.

All of the recipes herein are used in my kitchen and have been disseminated to others via www.yourkosherchef.com. This book is part of a series of kitchen books I have been writing, including a recipe book and a kitchen manual. All of my books are available on the website, Your Kosher Chef, or from the publisher The Pro Doodler.

On the full app and in the book, you will find a Passover substitution list. Although you can probably find all of the information somewhere on the Internet, I put this list together to make it easier and more convenient for you.

On the full app and in the book, you will find a sample Passover seder menu. This menu, or some modification thereof, is what I use at my seder. Please feel free to use it as is, or modify it for your own needs. All of the recipes for the menu can be found in this book.

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