Tyrone Clarke Novel
Jim Cowie
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FREE online Visual / Audio short novel. A gritty fictional mystery..

Prologue (Sample from novel)

June 12, 1963, Phyllis Clarke reclined in delivery room number two, of the Toronto General Hospital. Her feet securely placed in the stirrups, as the Epidural took effect. The doctor announced that the head of her new born, was visible and just moments following those words, a baby boy enters its new world.

A silence hung within that room. For what seemed an eternity, everyone desperately awaiting the infants first cry. The baby lay docile resting in the nurses arms, as all efforts of resuscitation had been exhausted.

The doctor first looked at the worried face of the mother and then huddled with the nurse.

The body was placed in a small warming tray and the nurse was preparing to wrap a blue blanket around the tiny corpse. Mrs Clarke's doctor proceeded to sit on the stool, next to the tearful mother.

His attempts to comfort the mother was broken by a scream from his nurse.
"Doctor Metcalf please hurry, the baby is convulsing!" she said with panic.

As he peered down at the twitching newborn, he saw a pair of distended blood shot eyes and a mouth wide open, without the tiniest sound escaping.

A sudden rush of energy filled the corner were the baby lay, as a pungent odor seemed to filter downward from the ceiling. They both tilted their heads and witnessed the twirling motion of what appeared to be green film. The putrid plasma cyclone quickly descended to ward the baby. The energy pulsating from this anomaly thrust the doctor and nurse away from the small tray.

Within seconds the green matter entered the child's mouth and following its invasion, young Tyrone Matthew Clarke, heaved for oxygen while releasing its first wail of tears.

Content rating: Medium Maturity

Requires OS: 2.1 and up

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