Wird Book
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Wird Book

A dedicated Muslim daily litany according to the Sunni Shadhili Qadiri order. A must for the spiritual seekers of Allah.

This app contains

Day-to-Day Litanies
After-Fajr Litany ,Dhuhr Litany ,Asr Litany,Maghreb Litany,Ishā Litany,Small Hours [Tahajjud] Litany , Friday Morning Litany,Friday Prayer Litany, Friday Late Afternoon Litany ,Other Litanies

Litany Collection
The General ,After-Prayer Dhikr ,Best Prayers ,Litany of the Sea ,Litany of Victory ,Litany of Land ,The Great Prayer ,Great Invocation for Forgiveness ,Al-Fawatih ,Men of the Qadiri Shadhili Order ,The Grand Names of Allāh ,Tahajjud Supplication

Surahs of the Noble Quran
Surat Al-Kahf ,Surat Yaseen ,Surat Al-Dukhan ,Surat Al Waqi’ah,Surat Al-Mulk ,

Qasida- Muhammadyyah ,Qasida: Mudariyah ,Qasida Pleasure of Life ,Qasida: O Seeker of Allāh,Qasida: No God but Allāh ,Qasida: Al-Salam Alayk ,The Six Principles for Mureeds ,The Pledge with Shaikh

Please include in your Dua.

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