How To Make Pizza
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We live in world where everything occurs and happened so fast, our lives become like a big

arena of racing and hustling against the drawbacks and predicaments that come across us.

When it comes to our relationships, everything is happening without any expectations and

prejudgments. Along with the personal ways, there is the professional issue, the time becomes

money and a minute is can’t be wasted, even for a nap or a pause for lunch. That’s why, this

new generation have created the fast food, which is very practical and useful for very busy

world full of occupations and preoccupations.

The fast food is invented for everyone’s need and to each one’s appetite, for instance if we take

a hot dog, or burger, it would not be sufficient for your unresisting hunger that will make you

devour an elephant in a single bite, but a pizza would be good to be full. The story of the first

pizza goes back in Europe, especially in Italy in the early of 19th century, its primary and

traditional ingredients were tomato, kneaded flour, garlic, pencil etc. Nowadays, the grand chefs

have invented new flavors and shapes of pizza with different ingredients, which means that

people would invent and create new recipes to provide everyone’s needs, that is to say that in

our days it’s disturbing to use books for recipes all time thanks to the new technologies and the

smartphones that have been a consequence, we have create an application that

simplify your access to the different recipes with diverse flavors, for example; the pizza with the

sea food or mozzarella or beef etc. This app entitled” HOW TO MAKE PIZZA”, it’s an application

that gives you the access to create new flavors and variant shapes of pizza in an professional

ways depending on the culinary arts that is provided in the app. The process of HOW TO MAKE

PIZZA is easy to follow and much coherent to understand, HOW TO MAKE PIZZA is giving the

steps for a delicious and breath taking pizza in just few minutes, including detailed steps and the

suitable ingredients for a yummy and healthy pizza. As everybody knows that there is always a

pizza for vegans who do not appreciate eating meat, chicken of beef, along with brick-oven

pizza, barbecue, etc. HOW TO MAKE PIZZA allows you to build your own kingdom of pizza with

your own flavors and shapes in addition to the varied menus of yours that you will surprise you

family and friends all around the world. Recipes that HOW TO MAKE PIZZA provides are highly

recommended by nutritionists in order to keep yourself healthy, safe and sound.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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