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Looking at the colorful pictures and listening to the spellbinding musical voice of the storyteller, children plunge in the wonderful fairy world. Name for this world is Folktale.
Eloquent, funny and fairy tales entertain children and teach them good things in allegorical way.
All main characters are different in fairy tales. They can be kind, greedy, crafty, naive and silly. But each of them experiences real life situations.

We have collected for you and your children all of your favorite Russian fairy tales, that everybody knows since childhood.

«Rolly Polly» has colorful illustrations, that contain pictures about adventures of cheerful and perky Rolly Polly.
«Turnip» has a moral, that says: any hard problem can be solved when we tackle it all together.
«Masha and The Bear» tells about a small smart girl who escaped from the bear.
«Masha and Three Bears» is about small girl who didn`t listen to her parents and got lost in the dark forest. Thus, she came in the Three Bears house.
A “Tops and rootlets” story is about a naive bear, who trusted tricky man and ended up with nothing.
«Fox and Wolf» is a great story about a sly fox, who was a deceiver, and a silly gullible wolf, who tried to fish in the ice-hole.
A «Porridge made of axe» story tells about greedy old woman, who didn`t want to feed an old valiant soldier. But the soldier was inventive and cooked a flavorful porridge out of an “axe”.
«Two greedy bears» is a story that teaches how to share , otherwise you will stay with nothing.
And the other tales.

Many generations love fables by Krilov. It is a great help for children to understand the meaning of silliness, greediness, ignorance and adulation. Looking at beautiful pictures and listening to the spellbinding voice, children will learn very fast fables by heart, which morals will be useful not only at school, but in real life.

«Monkey with glasses» is a fable about The Monkey who reasons the things, that she doesn`t know about.
A «Monkey and a mirror» fable tells about the Monkey who doesn`t understand that the mirror reflects her silly twirls. Thereby, the Monkey criticizes everybody else.

We will please you with new and delightful tales. Stay tuned.

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