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Collection of Bible stories aimed at young people, all in audio.

The Bible For Young People Vol. 1 ( Old Testament )
The Bible For Young People Vol. 2 ( New Testament )

"The Bible for Young People tells the sweet and simple stories of the Bible in the Bible language, omitting only genealogies and doctrines, and whatever is generally regarded as unprofitable to young readers. Moreover, it is so divided into subjects, forming complete stories, that the child will be interested in every part of it. ...
Verse divisions have been disregarded, and a totally new system of chapters introduced in place of the familiar ones, and it is hoped that this novelty will give fresh interest to the old book. One of the features which will be appreciated is the table of contents, giving the subject of each book and its subdivisions, so that one may readily turn to any Bible story of which he is in search.

With great discrimination and sympathy, the compiler, Mrs. Joseph B. Gilder, has accomplished this task, and the book now stands as the embodiment of what is universally considered the best in the Bible for young people, "best" meaning here what is most suited to the minds of girls and boys and appropriate to their moral range. " Volume 1 comprises the stories of the Old Testament. - Publisher's note

Genre(s): Religion
Language: English

The Creation Of The World
The Creation Of Adam And Eve
The Sin Of Adam And Eve
The Murder Of Abel
The Flood
The Ark Rests On Ararat
The Tower Of Babel
The Call Of Abram
Destruction Of Sodom
Hagar And Ishmael
Abraham's Sacrifice
The Death And Burial Of Sarah
How Rebekah Became Isaac's Wife
Jacob And Esau
Jacob And Rachel
Jacob And Laban
Meeting Of Jacob And Esau
The Birth Of Benjamin
Joseph And His Brethren
Joseph Before Pharaoh
The Famine
Benjamin Brought To Joseph
Israel Goes Down Into Egypt
The Death Of Jacob
The Burial Of Jacob
The Finding Of Moses
The Burning Bush

And Much More!!

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