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打开所有的文档,管理所有的文档,编辑所有的文档,链接所有的文档,这是X Documents的使命,X Documents立志于打造您手机中最得力的文件管理助手。
txt、umd、epub、mobi、zip、rar等格式,它们是文档中最常见但最难做到完美的格式,X Documents不怕困难,愿意为完美的体验贡献自己的一份力量。
txt格式,这个最简单的格式,X Documents却投入了比别的软件更多的精力和思考,同类软件在处理txt的时候,排版不整齐,智能拆章经常错误,甚至乱码的情况也时有发生,非常影响用户体验,相比较之下,X Documents没有忽略这些细节,精致的排版、多彩的皮肤、美轮美奂的字体、独有的翻页特效、完美的智能拆章,一件件小事汇聚成了近乎完美的txt阅读体验,首次让txt文档阅读成了一件开心的事。
1、 完美支持txt、umd、epub、mobi、zip、rar等格式的文档阅读。
2、 自动扫描+手动扫描,操作简洁。
3、 无线传书:不用数据线,打开wifi,轻轻松松传输文件。
4、 自动分章:X Documents将杂乱无序的文档自动规整,阅读起来更加顺畅。
1、 日间/夜间模式随你切,时刻保护你的眼睛。
2、 多种阅读皮肤随心调,保障你的阅读心情。
3、 阅读字体大小任意变,确保不同年龄段的用户,拥有同样优质的阅读体验。
4、 阅读进度随意调,把不好看的部分直接略过吧。
5、 行间距、段间距任意变,个性化的阅读其实离你很近。
1、 提供多种阅读字体,用户可设置自己喜欢的个性化字体作为文档默认字体。
2、 六种翻页特效:左右翻页、滑动翻页、仿真翻页、滑动折叠、覆盖折叠,让你爱上动手指的感觉。

Open all documents, to manage all of your documents, edit all documents, links to all of the documents, which are X Documents mission, X Documents determined to build your phone the most effective file management assistant.
txt, umd, epub, mobi, zip, rar and other formats, which are the most common document formats, but the hardest to be perfect, X Documents are not afraid of difficulties and are willing to contribute their strength for the perfect experience.
txt format, the most simple form, X Documents have invested more energy than any other software, and thinking, in dealing with similar software txt, the layout irregular, often intelligent demolition Chapter errors, even when garbled situation happen very affect the user experience, by contrast, X Documents do not ignore these details, exquisite typography, colorful skin, beautiful fonts, unique flip effects, perfect intelligence demolition chapters, one piece Trivia converging to a near perfect reading experience txt, txt document reader became the first to make a happy thing.
Basic functions:
A perfect supporting documentation txt, umd, epub, mobi, zip, rar format, such as reading.
2, automatic scanning + manual scan, simple operation.
3, wireless transmission book: No data cable, open wifi, easily transfer files.
4, automatic chapter: X Documents disorderly document will automatically structured, read together more smoothly.
Intimate functions:
One, day / night mode as you cut, always protect your eyes.
2, a variety of reading Xpress skin tone, protect your reading mood.
3, read the font size of any change, to ensure that users of different ages, with the same high-quality reading experience.
4, reading progress casual tone, the ugly part of the direct skip it.
5, line spacing, paragraph spacing arbitrarily changed, personalized reading in fact very close to you.
Advanced features:
1, offers a variety of reading fonts, users can set their favorite personalized font as the default font for the document.
2, six kinds of flip effects: about flip, slide page, simulation flip, sliding folding, folding cover, let you fall in love with the feeling of a finger.
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E-mail: xdocuments521@163.com

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Requires OS: 3.0 and up

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