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Complete set of Islamic prayer prayer

The virtue of Dhikr
Reading When Wake From Sleep
Benediction When Wearing Apparel
Benediction Wearing New Clothes
Benediction For People Who Wear New Clothes
Reading When Menaggalkan Apparel
Prayer Sign Wc
Prayer Out Of Wc
Reading Before Wudu '
Reading After Wudu '
Reading While Out House
If the Log House Reading
Benediction go to mosque
Benediction enter the mosque
Benediction out of the mosque
Reading when he heard the call to prayer
Benediction istiftah
Benediction bowing
Benediction wake of bowing
Benediction prostration
Benediction sitting between the two prostrations
Benediction prostration recitations
Read blessings on the Prophet after tasyahud
Benediction after tasyahud end before greeting
Dhikr after prayers
Benediction prayer istikharah
Dhikr morning and evening
Dhikr bedtime
Benediction if waking at night
Benediction if nothing scary in bed
What to do if nightmares
Benediction qunut witir
Dhikr after Witr prayer greeting
Du'a when depressed and grieving
Benediction for deep sadness
Benediction when he met the enemy and rulers
Benediction when afraid of tyrannical rulers
Benediction over the enemy
Benediction when fear of a people / groups
Benediction those who have doubts in faith
Benediction in order to pay off debt
Benediction when in doubt in prayer and His reading
Benediction of people who have difficulty
Greeting people who commit sin
Benediction cast out demons and whisper
Benediction when experiencing something undesirable
Speech for people who get the birth and answer
Benediction protection for children
Prayer to people who are sick
The virtue of visiting the sick
Benediction of the sick who are not biased recover
Guiding (talqin) dying person
Benediction when affected
Benediction when closed his eyes corpse
Benediction prayer bodies
Du'a for the bodies of small children
Benediction ta'ziah
Readings when entering the corpse to the grave
Benediction after the bodies were buried
Benediction pilgrimage grave
Benediction if there is a hurricane
Benediction at the sound of thunder
Benediction to ask for rain
Benediction when it rains
Reading after rains
Benediction for rain to stop
Benediction see the crescent
Benediction when breaking the fasting person
Benediction before eating
Benediction after eating
Benediction for those who entertain guests eat
Benediction for people who give to drink
Benediction when breaking in someone else's home
Benediction fasting person when invited to eat
Speech fasting person when abused
Benediction when seeing the beginning of fruit
Benediction when sneezing
Reading when unbelievers sneezing then praise God
Prayer to bride
Benediction bride to himself
Benediction before intercourse
Benediction when angry
Benediction when seeing people who experienced trials
Readings in assembly
Benediction fuser assembly sin
Prayer to people who say: Ghafarallaahu laka
Benediction for those who do good to you
How to save yourself from the Dajjal
Prayer to people saying, 'I love you because God
Benediction to the person who offered his property for you
Benediction for people who lend when paying debts
Benediction to avoid shirk
Benediction for people who say: Baarakallahu fiika
Benediction reject bad feeling / unlucky
Benediction riding
Benediction traveling
Benediction enter the village or town
Benediction market entry
Benediction when animal mounts slip
Benediction traveler to the left
Benediction the habitation to the traveler
Takbir and rosary on the way
Benediction wayfarer when approaching dawn
Benediction when inhabiting a place, either in traveling or not
Benediction when returning from traveling
Reading if there is something unpleasant or distressing
The virtue of reading and prayers
Spread the greeting
If there are infidels greetings
Instructions when hearing rooster and the braying of donkeys
Readings in Masy'aril Haram
Bertakbir on every throw Pebbles
Reading when the awe of something, etc.

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