Javelin reader
Drumlin Security Ltd
1.01.04 Varies with device
Javelin for Android provides a secure reader for DRMZ files (encrypted PDFs) of books, articles and similar documents. Users requiring a general purpose PDF reader are recommended to try the free Radaee reader, which uses the same PDF library as Javelin, but is specifically aimed at PDF usage.

The app supports PDF reading functionality and navigation via the Contents button, embedded hyperlinks, bookmarks, markup and annotations. By "secure PDF reader" we mean that Javelin supports DRM-protected PDF files (DRMZ files) as well as standard PDF files. The DRM protection facility is created using the free Drumlin software from Drumlin Security Ltd. For DRM protected usage Android v4.1 or later on tablets or tablet-like phones only is recommended.

For detailed information regarding Javelin for Android please see:


Documents can be downloaded to Javelin for Android in one of three principal ways:

(i) by using the download icon in the toolbar and entering a full URL for a pdf or drmz file (see further, below); or

(ii) by copying PDF files (.pdf) and secured PDF files (.drmz) from a PC or Mac to the Android device and placing these in an accessible directory, e.g. into the Javelin folder, Documents subfolder; and

(iii) the app supports a third file format, which is an xml structure for lists of documents ("catalogs"). This essentially provides a shortcut for the download procedure, as the xml file includes a description of the file and the url of the file to be downloaded, thereby simplifying the download process for the user. These xml lists can themselves be downloaded via an explicit URL download request (as per (i) above) or may be pre-loaded – a sample catalog is pre-loaded. Zipped catalog files are now supported - see documentation for details.

DRMZ files: these files are a form of PDF file that require an authorization code in order to enable them for your device. The sample catalog includes a demo file with code: abcabcabc for you to test this process. Simply tap the field for the code when prompted, type in the code provided, and press the OK button. An active G3 or WiFi connection is required for the authorization process to work, as the details are checked on our servers. For other DRMZ files downloaded to or copied to Javelin for Android, a code will be provided to you by the document publisher. Authorization codes are 9 characters (numbers and lower case letters) and are specific to individual documents. For more details please contact us: info@drumlinsecurity.com

If a publisher wishes to provide digital content that requires authorization via this app they should do so using services provided by Drumlin Security Ltd. Examples might include: an electronic copy of a book in PDF format that has previously been purchased in print or other form via the publisher’s website or a traditional bookstore; notes to accompany a training course; intra-corporate technical manuals; documents provided on a temporary basis, etc). This version of Javelin utilizes licensed PDF rendering software from Radaee Studio.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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