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Authored by‭: ‬The Humane Eminent Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho
‭(‬His soul has been sanctified by Al'lah‭)

Checked and introduced by the researcher and thinker:
Prof‭. ‬A‭. ‬K‭. ‬John Alias Al-Dayrani

The Fruit of Fasting
In a holy saying‭, ‬the Almighty says‭: ‬"All deeds of son of Adam are done for themselves‭, ‬except fasting‭; ‬it is done for Me‭, ‬and therefore‭, ‬it is Me who gives the reward of it"
And in the Holy Quran He‭, ‬the almighty‭, ‬says‭: "‬‮]‬Fast‭] ‬the month of Ramadan in which the Quran was revealed‭, ‬a book of guidance for people" when the Envoy of God‭ (‬cpth‭) ‬fasted he felt magnification and appreciation for the Almighty Allah‭; ‬there and then the meanings and realities of the Holy Book‭, ‬the Quran‭, ‬were revealed to his noble and pure spirit‭.‬
If human fasts this month as it should be fasted‭, ‬they will come to be illuminated by Godís Light and witness the truth‭. ‬This illumination helps them distinguish between good and evil and hear the Words of the Great Creator‭, ‬and thus they become guided‭.‬
‮"‬With proofs of guidance and criterion" by virtue of your closeness to the Almighty Allah‭, ‬you can discriminate between good and evil‭. ‬At this stage‭, ‬you will flood with benefits for yourself and for all creation‭.‬
Discrimination between good and evil is not an easy matter‭. ‬All the Greeks‭, ‬the Roman‭, ‬and the Arab philosophers failed to attain this ability despite their great philosophy‭.‬
"‬So that you may magnify Allah and render thanks‭ [‬good deeds‭] ‬to Him for giving you His Guidance". ‬Before belief‭, ‬the believer is blind-hearted‭; ‬but when they fast really‭, ‬they will have their heartís eye opened and thus join the people of heart sight‭. ‬The Envoy‭ (‬cpth‭) ‬said‭: ‬"‬An atom of the deeds of people of heart sight is equal to all deeds of the humans and the jinn".
Once the believer truly fasts‭, ‬they will gain the Night of Valuation‭. ‬Before this‭, ‬they are sick in heart‭, ‬perhaps in body‭, ‬too‭; ‬but when they witness this Night their spirit will be recovered and their body will be graced with a garment of good health and become cured from all sorts of diseases and ailments‭.‬
Such human is the one who truly magnifies Allah for the guidance He obliged them with‭. ‬This magnification is to be expressed when performing the prayer of feast‭: ‬a glorification sensed in heart‭, ‬not only said in word‭, ‬through which they soar in a holy witnessing‭, ‬praising God for His great Favor and Generosity‭.‬
Indeed‭, ‬their spirit has become qualified for rendering thanks to God‭, ‬so they set to guiding humanity to what it aspires of happiness and everlasting beatitude‭, ‬leading it to the Creator of every excellence‭, ‬beauty‭, ‬and majesty‭.‬
This is the reality of fasting by which a believer attains the degree of piety‭, ‬that is a constant illumination by Allahís Light‭. ‬By God‭, ‬this is the uppermost degree of wishes‭.

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