Guide Pokemon Go
Mh Saif Khan
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Everything you wanted to know about Pokemon GO but were afraid to ask.
All of your Pokemon questions will be answered here

What is Pokemon Go?
Why do people care so much?
I have downloaded the app but not working?
I am trying to create a new player. Why does not Nintendo like my name?
Where are all the Pokemon hiding?
How do I move?
Why do I have these red and white balls? (Should I see a doctor?)
How do I throw the balls and actually catch the Pokemon?
Why am I enslaving a race of tiny animals?
What are the little blue floating cubes on my map for?
What is an AR and why is it on?
Why does the game keep freezing right after I find / catch a Pokemon?
Why did it have to be Zubat?
How do I join a team?
Why do I want to go to a gym? I thought this was a video game.
Why did they strategically place gyms at my local bars?
How dangerous is this to play when I am drunk?
How long can I play Pokemon Go before it drains my wallet?
Why do some Pokemon have gender symbols next to their names? Are they Spice Girls?
What do you do with all the duplicate Pokemon?
How do I upgrade Pokemon?
How do I log into the game?
Can I name and customize my trainer?
Do I get a starter Pokemon?
How do I get more Pokemon?
Are there items to help me find, catch and train Pokemon?
What is a PokeStop?
Do those include gyms? There are gym battles, right?
How do I make my Pokemon stronger
What about trading?
What other incentives do I have to play, gym battling and Pokemon-catching aside?
How much battery does this game drain?
What about data?
Should I worry about my privacy?

Guide Pokemon Go also Provides latest Tips and Tricks

-Travel Tips
-World Map
-Tracking Nearby Pokemon
-Need More Poke Balls?
-Catching Pokemon
-How to Hatch an Egg
-How Gyms Work
-The Gym Is Unclaimed
-Don't Forget to Strengthen Your Team's Gyms
-Dealing With Rival Gyms
-How to Save Battery Power
-Turn off AR Mode for Easier Capture
-Evolving Pokemon
-Transfer Your Duplicates
-How to Get Pikachu Early
-When to Use Incense

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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