Simon Kenyon
Simon Kenyon
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This Android app was developed with a number of objectives:

* To present my CV
* Demonstrate that I do know something about developing apps
* To explore a new class of mobile app

This app is a pretty straightforward translation of my
current CV into an app. The rationale/explanation for this is that
I was driving home from work and I was listening to the radio
(George Hook on Newstalk as it happens). He was discussing resumes
and how some people had resorted to the use of video to present
themselves to prospective employer.

This was in the context of people applying to Newstalk
itself. George was quite taken aback that somebody would use
youtube as a means for applying.

Given that my expertise is in the design and development of
software, I thought about how I could apply the use of technology
to the process of obtaining a new role. Apart from the use of
Microsoft Word and Excel and email, my only foray into this
territory was the re-casting on my CV into a portable wiki.

So I decided to create this app. It it demonstrates
that I can in fact develop android apps.

This brings me to the last of my three considerations listed
above. Rather than create a single-instance app, I decided
to create a general solution to the problem of presenting
information to a user in a mobile form. The app consists of four

* The app itself
* An XML file which describes the contents
* The contents (html, wiki, images and video
* A mechanism for including the XML and contents into the app at build time

This is reflected in the name of the app, Single-Instance Generator App (sigapp)

This is an area which I will continue to explore. I will
create a web site where a user can enter the content, be it
text (wiki), images and video. This would be bundled up and
injected into the app, which then can be downloaded by the user.

Examples of where this might be useful include (but are not limited to):

* Rules and regulations
* Processed and procedures
* Product documentation

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 3.0 and up

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