Peter Pan
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Long ago in London, there lived the Darling family. Mr. and Mrs. Darling had three little children- Wendy was the eldest, followed by John and little Michael. The children loved bedtime stories, especially stories about Peter Pan.Peter Pan was flying by their bedroom window one night when he heard Mrs. Darling telling the kids of his exploits. Peter entered the house and bumped into one of the night tables, waking Wendy. Wendy sat up, but Peter had already escaped through the window. Wendy, who had switched on the lights, was taken aback to find a strange shadow in her bedroom. It looked like Peter Pan! Peter had left back his shadow while leaving the house in haste.The next night, Peter returned. Wendy asked Peter to sit on the bed and she stitched Peter’s shadow back onto his body. Peter was delighted. He invited Wendy to come along with him to Neverland. Wendy couldn’t believe her ears. Neverland! She enthusiastically agreed but told Peter she couldn’t go without her brothers. She woke them up and Peter and Tinkerbell led the three children out the window, and they flew over the rooftops of London, and off to Never-Land!What adventures are waiting for them in the Neverland? Will they ever return back to London?Discover all this, only with Story Time. This exciting interactive story is sure to provide a fantastic experience like never before.


- Superb engaging fun interactions.
- Vivid colorful illustrations
- Fascinating fun filled animations
- Brilliant sound effects that adds flavor to the story
- Simple and easy text for kids of all ages to enjoy the story
- Text highlighting and brilliant professional narration
- 16 pages of fun filled effects

The tale is sure to give a memorable experience to its readers only with Story Time.

A never miss!

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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