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This is a devotional poem of hundred and ninety five lines. Its central idea is ethical and relates to the activity of Lord Siva to bring about the final release of all souls, though questions pertaining to cosmology, doctrine of heaven and hell, metaphysics concerned with the essence of things are also mentioned.
Praises are showered on the divinity as being responsible for the law and order of the universe. In this work, author seems to be highly optimistic since he regards both pain and suffering as conductive to the general well being of all creatures.
In this work author has shown his great poetic talents both in imagination and feeling, for we cannot fail to see in it his mastery over language and imagery each in his own perfection.
The work opens with a beautiful poem mentioning Lord Siva’s ‘Anandha Nadanam’. Further it mentions the importance of the Five Letter mantra, the first cause of Anava, how Lord Siva protects the foetus in its mother’s womb, a new born child. Here author gives a very interesting line of why a new born child cries after it is born. When the foetus is in its mother’s womb, it is in a ‘Yoga Nilai’ but when it is born in this ‘Non Permanent’ world, it loses the wisdom and cries because it has lost the natural knowledge of the soul which it has developed in the womb.
Hunger is also by the grace of God for souls, like how the mother of the child is experiencing the joy of feeding the child. God is a mother for all souls, feeding them when in hunger. Here the verse of Manikkavasagar comes into our mind.
“Paal ninainthutum taayinum saale parinthu nee...”
The Akamiyam ( present deeds), Sanjtham ( previous deeds) and Praraptham ( happiness and sorrow experienced by souls according to their deeds) is further mentioned and how initiation or Deekchai helps to remove Anava mala are some of the contents of this work.

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