Gospel of Barnabas: Bible
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This bible/injil is believed to be written by Barnabas, an apostle of Jesus/Yeshua/Isa. Although Christian authorities have been hiding this text for years, thanks to the Creator, it is revealed on our time. The main difference between this bible and others is that this one introduces Jesus (may Salam/peace be upon him) as a prophet of God and mentions prophet Muhammad (may Salam be upon him) several times. Additionally, this text has similarities with Quran/Koran in many ways.

Excerpt: "As a man cannot see with his eyes the heaven and the earth at one and the same time, so it is impossible to love God and the world (together). No man can in any wise serve two masters that are at enmity one with the other; for if the one shall love you, the other will hate you. Even so I tell you in truth that ye cannot serve God and the world, for the world lieth in falsehood, covetousness, and malignity. Ye cannot therefore find rest in the world, but rather persecution and loss. Wherefore serve God and despise the world, for from me ye shall find rest for your souls, Hear my words, for I speak unto you in truth."

Reading and analyzing this bible is important for both Christians and Muslims for the following reasons;

- Having true knowledge of God.
- Knowing Jesus well.
- To learn from God's prophet's life.
- To remember the principle of 'heart purification' and to be safe from illnesses such as secularism, materialism, formalism, frigidity etc.
- Eliminating polarization between Muslims and Christians and uniting under the Abrahamic belief system.

Reminder: 'Bible' itself is given to Jesus only and is not an actual book (as we know it). This text consists of sayings of Jesus which are from that (inner, abstract) 'Bible'.

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