Aoba Jisho
Dennis Bovell
夏祭り 39.0mb
Aoba Jisho is a Japanese-English dictionary

Word Dictionary
• Over 169,000 entries
• Option to display kanji contained in words
• Extra information included: part-of-speech, dialect, antonym, related word, JLPT level, field
• Alternate spellings grouped into main entry
• Option to deconjugate verbs (行きました to 行く)

Kanji Dictionary
• Over 12,000 entries
• Stroke, grade, JLPT, SKIP, and Four Corner information available for all entries
• Colored stroke order diagrams for over 6000 kanji

Example Dictionary
• Over 70,000 entries
• Terms highlighted in multiple colors for ease of viewing
• All words in example sentences are displayed in list

Advanced Search
• Specify multiple fields at once, to refine queries.
• Separate multiple text entries with a comma or space

• Create personal lists, and combine any number of word, kanji, and example entries into the same list. Lists are separated by entry type, for easy browsing.

• Kanji Lookup:
• Find a kanji by its core components. Results sorted by stroke count.
• Find a kanji by its SKIP code. See:
• Results sorted by frequency
• History is automatically tracked, and user-deletable
• Kana tables, with colored stroke diagrams

There are no ads, data collection, or other bad things that make kittens sad.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.2 and up

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