Worried that your Japanese is bland and in need of some extra spice?
Ready to master the linguistic condiments that will make your Japanese sound more authentic?

Japanese language learners of all levels, even native Japanese speakers, can all relate to the frustration of finding pinpoint definitions and modern usage examples of Japanese reduplication words (kasane kotoba).

These words are a key part of everyday Japanese. One cannot walk the streets and not hear them casually uttered for effect. Nor can one watch Japanese TV and fail to see them blasted all over the screen.

Words such as “kira-kira”, for example, are familiar and easy to comprehend; however, there are over 300 others that are much more useful.

The JiJiShoSho app is a highly specialized dictionary of Japanese reduplication words (kasane kotoba), filtering out and elucidating gion-go (imitative/onomatopoeic words) and gitai-go (mimetic words).

The JiJiShoSho team has painstakingly complied a comprehensive list which we update as the Japanese language continues to grow.

*** FEATURES ***

* Search using Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, Romanji or English. If any part of your search term is anywhere in the dictionary we'll show it to you.

* Clear definitions in both English and Japanese.

* Useful usage examples in both English and Japanese.

* Entries let you know who common it is, meaning how much in use in modern day conversational Japanese.

*** SUPPORT ***
Please email us questions, suggestions and bug reports. We don't use the message boards for customer service.

Thank you.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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