2ちゃんねるの呪い ~恐怖スレッド
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It will likely be hotter than last year I'm sure this year.
App perfect, "curse ~ fear thread ~ 2-channel" is finally released in such summer.
This work has gained great popularity in the rental DVD, you can enjoy even Android.
A total of nine works of "Opening Video 2" product version of the "main part video seven" is this release.
"Main part Making the video" you can enjoy in addition to the "main video" in the product version.

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Curse lineup of two-channel
The main video making and video main [... I found the place dangerous really]
Cast: Watanabe Shiho
Locate the writing of "Do not go to the closed schools" in the bulletin board of the two channels, Haruka ride invitation. That there is a carcass that are not found there. Four people gathered by writing to explore the closed school, but ....

[Webcam] main video call-making main video
Starring: Sayaka Sato
Midnight, Chika was a ghost story Hyakumonogatari in web camera and three other people. Continued the story in order, finally last approaches. And, the situation toward the terrible story of direction by the one of the members.

Main video, making video [main chain mail of stagnation]
Starring: Yuri Takayama
Chain piece of mail is received from a close friend of high school under the floor. But at a later date, I know that their friends died at the time that mail has arrived. Is it dead because of the e-mail, a friend whether the mischief of someone. In order to elucidate the cause, ask the analysis of e-mail, but the floor is ....

[Incident] Samejima main video-making main video
Starring: Matsunaka Minami
grace you with a question that relatives had committed suicide was looking for the cause. From friends of relatives, I know that she had examined "Shark Island Incident". In the course make sure the truth, grace will know the facts of startle.

[Infrared communication] main video-making main video
Starring: Masui Mio
Midnight, schoolgirl 3 people to enter the old school building. And I was running Niki was written in Gakkoura site "rumors of a mirror". Anything, it is that I get used to think both in front of a large mirror at the back of the third floor old school building, the witching hour, toward the mirror, and infrared communication your own photos and photos of your favorite people.

[The Red Room] main video-making main video
Starring: Nishihira Fuka
Hole is vacant on the wall of the toilet, to find the arrow is drawn on it and from was written with "Welcome to The Red Room", Miho had a toilet cleaning in the work of the student council, peek into the hole try. Then, eyes to the other side of the hole ....

[Live] bulletin board main video-making main video
Starring: MamoruHisashi Mairodori
I came to the haunted places in four men and women. As "Corps live ruins" in fear bulletin board, four people, but I continue to write in real time ....

Scary story, urban legend appeared one after another plan in the future.
Have fun!

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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