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シュレーディンガーそして21世紀サイエンスをとおして、朝比奈桐子がYOGAの真実を説く『YOGA COSMIC SYSTEM』。5000年の歴史を生き抜いてきたYOGAは、人の能力を極限まで引き出すためのシステムだ。脳そのものを覚醒させて、本気で能力開発に挑むなら“本物”のYOGAに自分自身を賭けたい。美容・健康用のアレンジ・ヨーガではない“本物”だからこそ、裏切られることはない。

◆第1章 認識とは何か?

◆第2章 意識と身体をひとつにする

◆第3章 「瞑想」超越、0・1の彼方へ

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Through the Schrodinger and 21st century science, Asahina Chirico preach the truth of YOGA is "YOGA COSMIC SYSTEM". YOGA, which has survived the history of 5000 years is a system for withdrawing a person's ability to the limit. The brain itself is aroused, you want to apply themselves to the YOGA of if "real" seriously challenge the capacity development. Not arrange yoga for beauty and health "real" That's why, will not be betrayed.

◆ What is the Chapter 1 recognition?
Lessons, such as the state of the workings of the brain and body, can always clearly grasp. At work, at home, a simple pose and breathing techniques that can be self-study to carefree. While tune up easily a life, it's charm to keep up capacity is Yobisamasa while you unaware.

◆ will be in one Chapter 2 consciousness and body
24 different poses that increase the ability to concentrate, go wearing systematically. Skin of the body, attack from the end to the central nervous. Along with the awakening of the brain neurons, the idea of ​​flying and spread, dense structure force and dynamic construction force is born.

◆ Chapter 3, "meditation" transcendental, 0, 1 to Kanata
The truth of meditation, realistically, the multi-faceted, it is possible to know. One step, one step, surely stepping on the step, transcendental experience not the occult! "Existential" live as experience person, you can taste enhancement to continue to expand the work.

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