How To Build Self Confidence
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Self-confidence, the combination of self-efficacy and self-esteem, is an essential part of humanity.

[1] Self-efficacy is the internal sense, or belief that we can accomplish a variety of tasks or goals throughout life. Self-esteem, is similar, but more related to believing we are generally competent in what we do, and that we deserve to be happy in life. A person with self-confidence generally likes herself, is willing to take risks to achieve her personal and professional goals, and thinks positively about the future.

[2] Someone who lack self-confidence, however, is less likely to feel that she can achieve her goals and she tends to have a negative perspective about herself and what she hopes to gain in life.

[3] The good news is that self-confidence is something that you can build on your own!

[4] Your negative thoughts might sound like this: "I can't do that," "I will surely fail", "no one wants to hear what I have to say." This inner voice is pessimistic and unhelpful and will hold you back from achieving high self-esteem and greater self-confidence.

[6] Connect with those close to you, whether they are family or friends, to keep your perspective uplifted. Furthermore, stay away from people or things that make you feel bad.

[7] Someone you call a friend may actually make you feel bad, if they constantly make negative remarks, or criticize you.

[8] Take the time to sit down and think about all of the things that are bringing you down, from mean friends, a career you don't much care for, or a living situation that is almost unbearable.

[9] Adding a variety of interests or hobbies to your life will not only make you more confident, but it will increase your chances of meeting compatible friends as well.

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