Japanese Mythology
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Japanese mythology includes a vast number of gods, goddesses, and spirits. Most of the stories concern the creation of the world, the foundation of the islands of Japan, and the activities of deities, humans, animals, spirits, and magical creatures. Some myths describe characters and events associated with particular places in Japan. Others are set in legendary locations, such as the heavens or the underworld.

This apps tell you the legendary past of Japan: gods and warriors, woodcutters and fishermen, wicked giants and beautiful princesses. Touches of mischief and humor abound, and a deep sense of the magic, ceremony, and the wonder of life.

The two most important creator deities are Izanagi and his sister Izanami. According to the myths, they made the islands of Japan as well as many of the gods and goddesses. Izanagi and Izanami also appear in a story about a descent to Yomi-tsu Kuni, a land of darkness and death associated with the underworld.

Perhaps the best-known Japanese deity is the sun goddess Amaterasu. Said to be the ancestor of the imperial family, she brings light into the world and is responsible for fertility. Her shrine at Ise is the most important shrine in Japan.

Japanese Mythology Application Content :

- Japan / World Creation
- Japanese God and Goddess
- Japanese Creatures and Monsters
- Japanese Mythology Folktales

Content rating: Everyone

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