Biography of Prophet Muhammad
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Noble Life of The Prophet:In this book, the events of the Prophet's life, from the day he (S) was born and even before that day for background information-until the day he (S) died, have been recorded. Beyond enumerating the events of the Prophet's life, lessons and morals from those events have been drawn to point out the significance of an event and the wisdom behind the Prophet's actions or deeds, the Islamic ruling that is derived from a particular incident, and the impact that a given event should have on our character or choice of deeds is indicated.
The most earliest biography of Prophet Muhammad, written by Ibn Ishaq about 200 years after Muhammad's death.
This app books contains The phrase sirat rasul allah Biography of Muhammad prophet, or al-sira al-nabawiyya, refers to the study of the life of Muhammad. The term sira was first linked to the biography of Muhammad by Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri, and later popularized by the work of Ibn Hisham and Ishaq. In the first two centuries of Islamic history, sira was more commonly known as maghazi (literally, stories of military expeditions), which is now considered to be only a subset of sira.

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