Hour Signs
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Hour markers or Signs of the time in the Islamic religion is a set of phenomena and events indicates they occur on the imminence of the Day of Resurrection, and the meaning of li Ashraat in Arabic: collecting condition, and the condition of the mark, and the Signs of the Hour any markings and their causes, they are signs that will be after the end of time.
The time: a time when the resurrection, and named it time to surprise people die in an hour and all of creation Besihh one.

* Sections Signs of the Hour

Signs of the Hour and its signs are divided into two sections:
Section I: li Ashraat and minor signs

It is of two types:

The first type Emirates remote: It appeared that the signs and passed a junior after the time of occurrence for the time, such as the mission of the Prophet peace be upon him, and the splitting of the moon and exit of a great fire in the city.

The second type Emirates medium: It started popping and has not expired but increasingly abound and there are many signs of a very junior also come as including: the nation to give birth to her mistress, and affect the barefooted, naked, destitute teas in architecture, and out of thirty imposters claiming prophethood.

Section II: major labels

It is followed by that time if popping a Ashralamat did not show them anything.

Hudhayfah said may Allah be pleased with him: "The Prophet peace be upon him, and we said we Ntmakr: What you remember? They remind time, he said: It will not even see before ten verses stated:

1. smoke.

2. Antichrist.

3 animal.

4 and the sun rises from the west.

5. and the descent of Jesus son of Mary, peace be upon him.

6. Gog and Magog.

And three eclipse:

7 eclipsed in East.

8. Eclipsed in West.

9 and eclipsed the island of the Arabs.

10 and another that is a fire out of Yemen and drive people to their place of gathering "

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