Hadith Abu Dawood
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Book of Sunan Abu Dawud is recognized by the majority of the Muslim world as one of the most authentic book of Hadith. However, it is known that this book contains some weak hadith (the most characterized him, some do not).

Many scholars who narrated the hadith from him, including the Imam and the Imam Nasa'i Turmudzi. Al Khatoby commented that the book is the best of the writing and its contents fiqh contains more than Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. Ibn A'raby said, he who has mastered the Quran and the book "Sunan Abu Dawud," then he does not need any other book again. Imam Al-Ghazali also said that the book "Sunan Abu Dawud" is enough for a mujtahid to be a legal basis.

He is a priest of priests wal Jamaat Ahl who live in the city Bashroh Qadarites development group, as well as developing Khowarij there thinking, Mu'tazila, Murji'ah and Shiite Rafidhoh and jahmies and others, but even so he remained keistiqomahan above the Sunnah and he too denied Qadarites with his book Al Qadar, as well as her rebuttal on Khowarij in his book Akhbar Al Khawarij, and also argue against the understanding that deviate from the purity of the teachings of Islam that has been conveyed though the Prophet. Then on it could be seen in his book As Sunan contained her denials him against jahmies, Murji'ah and Mu'tazila.

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