Hadith AlMuwatta Imam Malik
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Imam Malik gives the name of the book of hadith with the name al-Muwatta 'because the book is the talk of the Muslims of his time, the book is meant to be understood and facilitated and taken faidahnya by humans. Imam Malik said: "I showed my book to 70 jurists of Medina. Everything menyepakatiku it, then I gave him the name of al-Muwatta '." [Tanwir al-Hawalik page 7, as-Suyuti]. Kitab al-Muwatta 'of Imam Malik, this is a book that contains the hadith - hadith the Prophet Shallallahu'alaihi wa sallam, words (atsar) companions, fatawa the tabi'in.

Imam Malik, ie Abu Abdullah Malik bin Anas bin Malik bin Abu Amir Al-Ashbahi (93 -179 H and H). He was much in Medina. He is well-known Islamic scholars, and founder of the Maliki school. He is known to have more than a thousand pupils of which is the famous Imam Syafe'i. During his life, Imam Malik Muwatta Book renew him, so this book reflect his learning and knowledge for more than forty years. This book contains a thousand hadith.

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