Or bit of trouble
大橋 博倖
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"Bit of trouble or"
Star similar to the Earth, and a non. Three power many of Myau Zu~igu maximum power, and Beifasu, serving as a second force had to face visiting the hegemony galaxy. On the other hand, in recent years near the solar system, two races Arca, of Naina was repeatedly engage the cease-fire. In strategic situations such, under the will of the strategic center of, Naina was to promote contact with the local government of the earth, and also close rapidly the distance between the Zu~igu expect support against Arca war.
The incident happened in the situation described above. It was Earth Ki experimental machine equipped with a new engine from coastal air Zu~igu territory is robbery, was intercepted in military runaway, and there was to the destination. In Naina's were pleased with the opportunity this, offer to Zu~igu the recovery of experimental aircraft, was approaching Earth, the point of contact that cooperation at the same time. Experimental aircraft he was a plan to reach a settlement of the earth, to a certain archipelago region but be submerged deep sea off the big track is intercepted by the archipelago native species. Naina resident official to perform a retaliation attack in the hand strength effect immediately but insufficient. To put pressure of cooperation request to local bargaining representative continue. On the other hand, was getting close to the earth also fleet of Arca. Does not know, such as movements of Naina, and likened to the home planet, reverse drop operations in this star fall situation, Arca he was selected as the destination exercises. Arca fleet Toward fleet of Naina was rushed Furthermore, to force the exercises as "a great situation". But at the same time, it was while approaching the goal of Earth also fleet of Beifasu and Zu~igu. Zu~igu took a shot as a threat "blank shot" was the power to disrupt the Earth civilization. Experimental aircraft that was received lead to disaster. Jia and south Enoshima multiplied by the suicide in order to end the situation to destroy is housed in Beifasu directly.
Earthling of only two people to life in the strange land married. Employment in the security industry, civil war Beifasu, Ejima involved in the pre-blocking. But civil war gruesome post-processing is a irregularity broke out, and his wife also EJIMA go to the site. While dabbling in a lot of bloodshed, something Yuku change in Enoshima. Then, seeing a major presence by Zu~igu, the fleet exercises overwhelming indefinitely, Enoshima is go to earth. Was in the chaos of unprecedented Earth. Mercy of the piece in no Hadow, Enoshima re shoeing toward interstellar civilization, it. People called it "global empire emperor" the Enoshima.

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