Belly Workout At Home
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Sport is one of the things required to be done for those who want to be healthy life. However, many people are forced to do not have time to do so because of constraints or activities of daily work.
Actually, the sport does not have to do with weight or should be done outdoors. Actual exercise can be done anywhere and anytime. In addition, to get the maximum results also do not need to exercise a long time because a lot of people who think that the sport should be football or basketball.
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Though exercise can be done in the house and a short time. Do not believe? Well, the following will explain the various kinds of sports in the house which is quite fun.
1. Jogging
For this kind of sport in the first house was jogging. Maybe a lot of people who think that jogging should be done outdoors while jogging can be done indoors as it surrounds the house or with the walk slowly in front of the television.
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It is quite easy and you certainly will sweat doing it.
2. Squat
For this kind of sport in the next house is the squat. Squat is a position like when you want to sit. You do this by bending your knees slowly and open your legs shoulder width apart with.
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After that, stand up slowly with caution. Then keep your back bent. Perform continuously and slowly to get maximum results. The squat exercise is very suitable to tighten and strengthen the legs and buttocks.
I personally like the squat exercise, including push-ups and sit-ups for not having to go out and can be done at home every morning.
But what can motivate us to continue to exercise like this? This is what I was looking for, if you android users, it can download runtastic squats, runtastic push-ups, sit-ups or runtastic. The application can help you to stay motivated to exercise.
3. Dancing
Perhaps many people think dancing is something that relates to the art of motion. However, this dance can also be used as a solution to healthy sport, particularly sport in the house.
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To add to a sense of your spirit dance and accompanied by music. Keep in mind that dancing can burn 130-150 calories in the body.
4. Up and down stairs
For this kind of sport in the last house is going up and down stairs. With the up and down stairs is confirmed you will sweat. Even burning calories from up and down the stairs is greater than jogging.
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From the above explanation can be concluded that exercise does not have to be done outdoors. But it can be done anywhere and in accordance with our wishes.

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