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GurbaniExplorer is try to bring the vast knowledge of Gurbani to Phone.

Currently include the following
1. Aardass
2. Aarti
3. Anand Sahib Ji
4. Asa Di Vaar
5. Bhog With Path
6. Complete Guru Granth Sahib Ji
7. Jap Ji Sahib Ji.
8. Ramklee Ki Vaar
9. Rehraas Sahib Ji
10. Sohila Sahib Ji
11. Sukhmani Sahib Ji
12. Akaal Usatata
13. Bachitar Naatak
14. Chandee Charitra
15. Chandee Charitra - 2
16. Chandee Dee Vaar
17. Chaupai Sahib Ji
18. Dasam Granth Ji
19. Jaap Sahib Ji
20. Shabad Hajaray
21. Thirty Three Swaiyas
22. Zafarnama
23. Bhai Gurdas Ji
24. Kabit Bhai Gurdas Ji
25. Bhai Nand Lal Ji

I am learning as well as developing so if i have made any mistake then please don't get upset and send me an email or leave a comment at .
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Select Romanised if you want Romanised and Meaning of Gurbani.
If you would like to have page by page display then select Gurmukhi
If you kirtan then select Kirtan which will have transalation in English and Meaning in English
If you kirtan in Gurmuki then select Kirtan Gurmukhi which will have transalation in English and Meaning in English
Slide right to go to previous page or line, Slide Left go to next page or line.
Slide up to go down and slide down to go up.
+ to zoom in and - to zoom out. Press bookmark button to bookmark certain line.
You can search for initials and the list will be displayed matching your input
Double click on the list to go to that line or page containing that line.
Also you can directly jump to the page by entering the page number.
On Bookmark page its stored all the bookmarks. Double click on the bookmark to go directly to that line or page
You can also delete the bookmarks by highlighting and then pressing delete button.
You can also display the drop down list in English, Gurmukhi or Hindi.
You can also display the bani in Hindi or Gurmukhi.

Go to the setting page to do that.
Thanks for dowloading.

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Requires OS: 2.3 and up

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