Frame Fighter: TTT2 Demo
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NOTE: Android 4.1+ devices may have some issues with this build. We are working on it!
update 3/28/2013 I think my roomate solved the problem but he's in the middle potentially starting a new job and moving so he will use that as an excuse I'm sure. When he's able to update i'll be able to also publish some updates on characters namely Angel and Kunimitsu.

It's been a long road as I've personally recorded and counted by hand all of the frame data in this app instead of relying on years old data translated from japan.

Method: I used a gamer edition Hauppauge to record 60fps video from my xbox and recorded to an SSD drive to minimize frame capture skipping/doubling. I stepped through each frame in sony vegas and counted everything manually. I used the in game hit analysis to judge the startup and frame advantage. Moves that stunned were problematic since the dummy character could "act" immediately after a stun to shorten it thus making it hard to get an accurate frame count for those so take stun frame data with a grain of salt. Stances do not have startup data at the moment since that's also sort of wishy washy since it's rare that a stance is an effective punish for blocked moves. I also recorded the gaps between moves but need to clean that data up so it is not included as of yet. More features will probably be added to the paid version. Some characters are missing data and I'll have to make new recordings to remedy that.

The best players don’t play purely on instinct. They explore the mathematical advantage of comparing frame data between characters, and exploit the weaknesses they find. Frame Fighter: TTT2 edition is a professional's tool, designed to elevate your Tekken Tag Tournament 2 fighting game to the next level.

Select your team and swipe up and down to view move lists. Move lists often have multiple branches so tap to reveal the next step in a combo and the final savable result will be displayed at the bottom.

Move lists include frame data, commands, special properties and will soon have the gaps between each move in order to best find a weakness/strength of moves.

Find out which moves you can punish, and which moves will be punished!

What is frame data?
Moves in fighting games are measured very specifically using frames. TTT2 runs at 60 frames per second, meaning that each frame is 1/60th of a second. A move that takes 10 frames to execute, will take 10/60ths (1/6th) of a second to activate and deal damage.

Advantage on Block - the number of frames you or your opponents are locked once the attack is blocked. Sometimes this number is long enough where your opponent can attack you before you can even block again!

Startup - the time it takes for a move to become active (able to deal damage)

Gaps - since the game is mostly made up of strings of moves, there are bound to be gaps in between them that can be exploited. Sometimes it just isn't worth trying to block a whole combo string. (This feature is slated for the near) future.

Note: Email before writing a negative review please :/ it doesn't help anyone if you just say "it does't work."

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Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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